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i conquered thebes

the rivers all flooded

barreling down the road
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my dance moves may be out of style, but i'm all about looks. and the headaches we caused together were nothing more than a blip in my incredibly moving life as of today. the beats may be drifting away and our flailing limbs may be slowing, but i think it's about time we just smiled. it's like orange became yellow and i cried when you kicked out at that wall. i think the time is appropriate when i rush at a stranger and strangle them with analogies. sleeplessly they'll realize we're alright. wide eyed and young, we'll overcome all those things under the street lights. we'll wait for the person who you can run after and i'll trail along behind singing:
"'cause i'm mr. brightside"

kris. toronto,canada. student. geek. writer. designer.

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